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5 remedies that help you reduce muscle fatigue

5 remedies that help you reduce muscle fatigue

Fatigue in the muscles can be due to an effort or physical exercise, as well as health problems. Decrease muscle fatigue is essential to continue with our daily activities.

Maybe recently you have started to train in the gym, maybe you are contracted to sleep badly or you may have made an unusual effort.
In any case, we recommend that you read the following article, where we will tell you the best remedies to reduce muscle fatigue.

Why muscle fatigue occurs
Sometimes it happens that the alarm goes off and there is no way to get out of bed. And, if we do, any movement seems impossible and requires a lot of energy. The fatigue or muscular fatigue does not have to be due to a bad movement or to a great effort that we have done.

Occasionally, it may be due to the so-called 'chronic fatigue syndrome' which mainly affects women. Another reason is a weakening of the immune system or even certain diseases such as muscular dystrophy or inflammatory myopathy.

Of course, we can not ignore arthritis and osteoarthritis, which also cause muscle fatigue. Women who have passed or are in the stage of menopause may not have enough calcium in the body. The lack of this mineral stimulates the contraction of the muscles and can cause pain or fatigue.

How to reduce muscle fatigue?
In the event that fatigue is caused by exercise or by more than usual effort, it is very important to allow the muscles to rest and recover. Wait between 24 and 48 hours to re-train and during that time try to sleep well and not perform physical activities.
When there is muscle fatigue from training, you can apply an ice and heat technique for 10 minutes. This works when there is no inflammation, since in such a case it is only good to use cold.

Food is also vital to reduce muscle fatigue: eat foods that include complex proteins, such as legumes, dairy and meats. You will thus include essential amino acids that the body needs to recover. And, of course, do not forget about hydration, those two liters of water per day that you have surely heard or read.

Home remedies to reduce muscle fatigue
If you feel fatigue or a great fatigue in your muscles, perhaps what you need is a natural remedy that increases the energy and allows the body to recover. Pay attention to the following:

1. Oatmeal, banana and honey smoothie
It is very important that you consume carbohydrates, which nourish the body and prevent or reduce fatigue. This milkshake of oatmeal, banana and honey can be consumed as breakfast, after exercise or mid-morning.

1 cup of oat flakes (105 g)
1 banana
2 teaspoons of honey (15 g)

First, soak the oat flakes with warm water for a few minutes.
Then add them in the blender container along with the banana and honey.
Beat until a smooth cream.

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