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5 exercises to develop your strength without gaining more volume

 5 ejercicios para desarrollar tu fuerza sin ganar más volumen


Do you sound like Chinese? Surely you have had occasion to see them in action. Sentadillas, burpees, jumps ... you're already sounding, right? Although originally developed as specific training for Olympic athletes, this jumping training program has become popular. Through them you will get to increase explosiveness and muscular strength.

The basis of plyometric exercises is to execute a series of dynamic resistance exercises that develop both the eccentric (stretching action) and concentric (shortening action) phases of each muscle involved in each movement. Of course, to avoid the possible risk of injury, the ideal method to start is to progress: First with simpler exercises, and then move on to more complicated exercises.


This technique of combining heavy work with light work will help you build and strengthen the muscle gradually. Keep in mind that lifting heavy weights forces your own nervous system to activate the fibers of your entire musculature, while light weights with more repetitions relax muscle tension, and allow the nervous system to recover from the effort more quickly .

The section of the repetitions to execute will come from the hand of your physical state and your brute strength.


Another type of resistance training that also alternates heavy and light loads to stimulate and improve muscle power. The execution methodology is focused on being able to carry out two exercises in a row. The first exercise usually consists of a traditional series of heavy loads to make the muscles more active. While the second exercise, light load and more explosive, continues working on that same muscle group, which activates the muscle more quickly, and increases the power.

As an example to put into practice: Perform a series of 6 repetitions of squats with heavy load, and then execute about 10 squat jumps and no load.


Yes, those same ones that you are thinking are. From the medicine balls, the bars, going through the kettlebells, to the typical dumbbells. With these exercises, in addition to developing balance, you will also activate your muscle mass, at the same time you develop strength and burn fat.

In addition, another argument in favor of training with free weights is that you will have the opportunity to work more specific areas of the muscle. On the opposite side, its great disadvantage is that the risk of injury is higher

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