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2 recipes to make a vegetarian lasagna

2 recipes to make a vegetarian lasagna
2 recipes to make a vegetarian lasagna

Although it seems that we are not going to get the same texture as with traditional lasagna, the truth is that both vegetarian and vegan lasagna offer us a taste very similar to the original, without animal products.

Nowadays, both vegetarian and vegan gastronomy have gained greater recognition. This is due not only to the increase in people who decide to adopt this type of diet, but also to the dissemination of information and, of course, to the flourishing of food establishments exclusively dedicated to this sector. And one of the most popular dishes is the vegetarian lasagna and its vegan variant.

Pasta-based meals are one of the most recurrent in the West. They have as main advantage the infinity of combinations of ingredients that they admit. Therefore, dishes such as lasagna can easily adapt to a vegetarian or vegan diet, depending on the case. Here we offer some of the most delicious recipes for you to enjoy.

Vegetarian lasagna recipe (for 4 people)
1 zucchini
Olive oil
1 eggplant
6 sheets of lasagna
1 medium onion
2 small tomatoes
3 small carrots
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese (90 g)
3 tablespoons of textured soy (60 g)
Béchamel sauce (the amount needed)
Optional: fresh basil leaves
Condiments: oregano, salt, black pepper

First, we must moisturize the textured soy. For this, we will need to fill a bowl with water at room temperature, and leave it to soak for 15 minutes.
Once the soy has been hydrated, we drain it well. We reserve
We put a pan to preheat with a little oil (with 3 tablespoons is enough).
Peel and cut half of the onion in rings. Apart, we chopped the zucchini and the sliced ​​eggplant.
We take the vegetables to the pan to sauté them for about 10 minutes, approximately. It is important to remove from time to time to avoid burning.
Apart, we wash, peel and cut the carrot into small cubes. We do the same with the tomato and the other half of the onion.
We take textured soybeans, carrots, tomatoes and onions to the pan with the rest of the ingredients and sauté everything. We condone to taste.
We preheat the oven to 180ºC.
Meanwhile, we place a pot with plenty of water to boil. Once the water reaches its boiling point, add the sheets of pasta and a spoonful of salt and a pinch of olive oil.
Once the pasta sheets are al dente, we drain the hot water and submerge them in a bowl of cold water for 2 minutes.
Remove the sheets of water, drain well and proceed to give them a layer of olive oil on both sides to begin to assemble the lasagna.
Place a sheet of pasta, stuffing, béchamel and repeat the procedure until sealed. Then we take the oven for about 15 or 20 minutes.
Gratin for about 2 or 3 minutes and serve our vegetarian lasagna. As a decoration, we can add some fresh basil leaves.

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